May 6, 2013

New Jersey mission!!

New Jersey Morristown Mission

Oi familia e amigos!

fancy, eh? eu falou em portuguese sempre e eu sabou muito portuguese. entedem?

well, i wasnt assigned the portuguese speaking mission here in NJ but i still get the time ot study it!!

sad thing just happened. i had a good long letter typed out for yall - then i lost it. so, ill do my best to write what i can, but dont get upset if i leave lots out, ta bom?

So my companions are a lot different from sister puckett. but its been such a great learning experience for me. i have to study a lot about patience and charity. its been really good for me. sister shultz our trainer is from washington state the tricitites area. sister mclay is from gilbert az. so despite our differences, we are doing good. the morristown mission is almost the entire state of NJ. my area alone though is the beack side!! what up!! when president announced our area, everyone in the chapel gasped. they were all jealous :D my new address is 806 West Park Ave #8A Ocean, NJ 07712

i was tripled-in. meaning, i have two companions and the are that we are in is new to our trainer. that posed for a very difficult situation. she knows no one here and of course, we know no one. but, we have learned a whole lot. it helped us to grow in ways we didnt realize needed growing. but that is what is so great about a mission. God challenges you and shows you your weaknesses and then the end result of that, is a great missionary. lessons turn out the way God wants them to. people are put in your path who would otherwise scare you (we are teaching an ex-gang member. hard core guy. lost his leg and is blind in one eye. but he is so prepared for us. his name is Trevor or Brother Smith). and less actives come back to church.

this week, we taught 11 lessons. 4 of them being to less actives. 3 to investigators or contacts. the rest members. now listen here. we had the highest numbers in our zone. almost all of us were doubled in actually, or at least half. and it really makes for a hard time. adn get this: we really only taught 3 of the 5 days becasue we have been so busy with other unpacking, making a map, figuring out the area book, and such things. so that, is great!

sister kimball and i were tripled-in. meaning we have two companions and all three of us are new to the area. so that has been so hard in itself. also, we are in the same zone! so i get to see her once a week or so. i still get my language study everyday! on of my zone leaders is from mosambeak!!!! so whenever i text him i text it em portugues!! and he always replies in portuguese. and he told me any time i need to know somehting in portuguese, text him adn he will help. there is also a native brazilian in my ward!!! what are the odds?? oh yes, im a missionary and God loves me oh-so-much. so He always blesses me! i am very blessed. so we are going to set up a time where i can go over to her house once a week for about an hour and praticar minha portuguese!!

elder mcewen (one of the VISA waitors in the other zone from me at the MTC) had a batpism this week!! and get this: elder mcewen and elder priest both were sen to the portuguese speaking missions!! they are going to learn so much! i am very jealous so i try not to think about it (:

some of the lessons we have taught have been the most spiritual of any time here on my mission so far. there are so many people who are prepared but who dont know what for. we shared a message with this lady on the street named Lisa. she had met her handicapped son at the bus and was going back to her appartment when we asked to share a message with her. we shared Enos 3-6 i believe (i only have my portuguese Book of Mormon so i dont the exact verses). we told her how to pray with faith adn that God wants us to pray to him and that he will answer our prayers. she was almost in tears there on the street. we said a prayer for her and blessed her family and son. we hope to hear from her and if we dont, we are going back. i have learned how to better do things since then, like how to get their contact info and always set a date to return and teach them more.

we also taught our first investigator. Trevor like i said before. in his words he has more bullet wounds than 50 cent. he literally looks so beaten up. but his spirit is so strong and he knows his mistakes in life and is doing all he can fix them. his wife is a jehovahs witness. he says things work out just fine between the two of them (he's hard core catholic). we're going back this week. we had a great lesson with him. he is so excited to have us return. he nicknamed us the charm sisters. PAH! what a funny man!! dont be worried though, we aren't allowed to go into that neighborhood past seven without a member or other elders. we are very safe.

funny story: the other night we got a text from some elders serving in Newark that said we have been robbed. they go on to explain that nothing looks taken but the place is a mess adn the window wide open! we felt so sad for them - especially because it was the second time for one of the areas. the next day, they text us again and tell us it had be a joke. some other elders had forgotten their key in the appartment and had ot climb through the window to get in. when leaving, they thought it would be funny to make it look as such. it was really funny!!

dont worry, im a good hour away from that(:

ta bom, i think its time for me to jet!!!

Sister Webb

ps i cant figure out how to upload pics. sorry. maybe next week? (:

eu amo voces muito!!

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